Thanksgiving-Related Resources

Watch the Video

Hear author Patricia Wilson share about this month’s theme. Watch, listen, and let her introduce you to a month’s worth of content about thanksgiving.

Patricia Wilson

Patricia Wilson

The Book

This month’s content was inspired in part by the devotion
“Thanks for the Privilege of Prayer,” page 63, Quiet Spaces. Read this devotion.

The contributors for this month are Patricia Wilson, Rita Hays, Cara Coble, and Linda Furtado. Get the book that inspired the My Quiet Spaces ministry to find simple ways to create quiet spaces with God in your everyday life. Learn about our authors and other women contributors at

Also available at,, and other online retailers.

Backgrounds and Social Images

Use these images sized for backgrounds and social sharing to help remind you and your contacts to engage in your quiet space with God. Remember to use the hashtag #MyQuietSpaces in your posts and tweets.

More from author Patricia Wilson

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