What Makes Writing Sacred

Waitress woman who enjoys writing about God and bible
Share Your Faith

I Am Not a Writer

How can I interact with God and the Bible through writing if I don't consider myself a writer? Click this image to read more from author Jane Herring in One Day I Wrote Back: Interacting with Scripture Through Creative Writing. Tip:... Continue reading
Woman writing in devotional time with God in nature

Sacred Writing | My Meaning

If someone asked you, “What do you mean by sacred writing?” how would you reply? We find sacred writing in the Bible, but what does sacred writing look like for you today? Click this image to read more from author... Continue reading

Write a Letter to God

Write a letter to God about your need for sacred time or quiet time. What is going on in your life that leads you to seek time apart? What is the nature of your longing to spend time with God?... Continue reading
A women writing to God in her journal in the grass.

Allow Me to Feel Your Presence

God of the created world, center me and quiet my mind. Help me find a practice that connects me with you. Holy Spirit, may my ears, heart, and mind be sensitive to your guidance. Allow me to feel your presence... Continue reading
Monthly Theme

Sacred Space Through Writing

As a chaplain and pastor, I come in contact with people from many different generations. One thing they all have in common is the need to find a place in life where they feel centered, calm, and connected to God….

Continue reading
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