To Walk with God

What Does ‘Walking with God’ Mean?

Older Woman who walked with God during her quiet time.
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People Who Walked with God

Have you ever met someone whom you would say ‘walked with God’? Did they tell you or was there something about them that showed this? Click this image to read more from author Patricia Wilson in Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes... Continue reading
Woman taking a walk with God in her quiet time

Do You Walk with God?

When someone says that they ‘walk with God,’ what does that mean to you? Do you think that you walk with God? Why or why not? Click this image to read more from author Patricia Wilson in Quiet Spaces: Prayer... Continue reading
Woman writing about IAMNOWHERE during her walk with God.


Write these letters in your journal: IAMNOWHERE. What words do you see? What does this say to you? Look again at the letters. [IAMNOWHERE] What other words do you see? What do they say to you? Reflect on what you... Continue reading
Woman Praying for Calm and Peace

Life Journey with God

“God of calm and peace, as my life gets chaotic and my world seems to spin out of control, continually remind me of your presence and your purpose for me. Lead me to the still waters where I can rest... Continue reading
Monthly Theme

Walking with God

Walking with God in a Conscious Way Have you reached a point in your life where you’re beginning to wonder if there’s more to the Christian walk than what you’re experiencing? There’s that nagging feeling again that you’re not headed…

Continue reading
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