Linda Furtado Thanksgiving Week

Thankful Christian Woman with hands over her heart.

Thankful Christian Woman Reflection

Reflect on what it means to be a thankful Christian woman. How does your stage in life or your life circumstances affect your ability to be thankful? Which women in your life model gratitude for you? #gallery-2 { margin: auto;... Continue reading
Woman Look Out in Thanksgiving

3 Tips for Thankful Christian Women

Consider the following ways to be intentionally thankful throughout your day. Allow these suggestions to become practices that you incorporate into your daily routine. Leave a comment below if these ideas help you make gratitude a priority in your life... Continue reading
Being a Thankful Christian Woman
Monthly Theme


Being a Thankful Christian Woman As a Christian woman, I am thankful to God for offering me a place in this world, alongside many other Christian women, that is unique, loving, valuable, and compelling. In the scope of all of…

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