How You Create Your Sacred Space

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Finding Your Place

If you have a special place where you feel the presence of God, how did you find it? If not, how can you work toward creating a space like that for yourself? Click this image to read more from author... Continue reading

Making My Sacred Space

What is needed to make a space sacred? Where are you going to make your sacred space? Click this image to read more from author Patricia Wilson in Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women. Tip: See Images in Full-Screen View Click the... Continue reading
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A Perfect Sacred Space

Reflect on your idea of a perfect sacred space. Put in as much detail as you can. Give yourself room to be creative and imaginative. Now underline what you consider to be “must-haves.” Cross out that which you can do... Continue reading

God of My Sacred Space

God of my Sacred Space, help me to find a place where I can be quiet and still, a place where I can hear your still small voice, a place where I can come for healing and comfort. Bring this... Continue reading
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Find Your Sacred Space

Finding Sacred Spaces in Ordinary Places You live in a busy world. You probably find yourself with endless projects to complete, places to go, and people to see. You have duties and responsibilities, jobs and appointments, chores and tasks, people…

Continue reading
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