Sacred Place Writing Helps

Woman writing by lamp light in devotional journal

Have You Journaled?

Have you journaled before? If so, why? To process emotions? To record memories? To write down ideas you wanted to remember? To Plan for the future? How can this work be sacred? Click this image to read more from author... Continue reading
Our writing in devotion can be like Jesus writing in the sand. Not permanent.

Not Always Permanent

Read “Jesus’ Posture of Forgiveness” from One Day I Wrote Back on page 85, and complete the first suggested exercise on page 88. If you do not have a copy of the book, read John 8:1-11 and write your response... Continue reading

Great God of Forgiveness

Great God of forgiveness and love, thank you for the lessons I have learned in this life. Thank you for the forgiveness that frees me to continue growing and learning in you. Keep me tethered to you, growing in your... Continue reading
Monthly Theme

Sacred Space Through Writing

As a chaplain and pastor, I come in contact with people from many different generations. One thing they all have in common is the need to find a place in life where they feel centered, calm, and connected to God….

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