Writing Time Sacred Spaces

Through writing women find time for quiet and create sacred spaces with God. Find your devotional, prayer, journaling, creative discussion, or reflection here.

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What You Need

How can you make writing a part of your sacred space? Do you need to write every day? Do you need to find a safe place to keep your journal private? Do you want a large journal to last throughout... Continue reading
Older woman writes to God in her journal

Writing Fits into Your Journey

Reflect on your idea of a sacred writing practice. Write about any concerns or hopes you have. Write about how writing fits in with your journey in God. Keep a journal or piece of paper with you this week. When... Continue reading
Writing and reflecting woman on couch

That Still Small Voice

God of my sacred space, help me find the way to interact with you that allows me to listen to that still small voice within. I want to rely on you in good times and in bad. I desire to... Continue reading
Women preparing to writing to God

Surprised by Your Writing?

What happens when you begin to write with one idea in mind and find yourself writing about something else entirely? How have you been surprised by your own writing? How have you experienced God’s presence when writing about anger, fear,... Continue reading
Women of African decent writing in creative expression

A Clean Heart

Read “A Clean Heart, O God” in One Day I Wrote Back on page 89. Complete one of the suggested exercises on pages 91–92. If you do not have a copy of the book, read one or more of the... Continue reading
Woman taking notes of prayer in journal

You Have Called My Name

Holy God of glory and majesty, you have called me by name. I pray in this moment for the courage and the strength to answer your call and to move forward in having an ever more intimate relationship with you... Continue reading
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