Resources for Finding God in the Dark Valley

Watch the Video

See and hear the author share about this month’s theme. Watch with your small group. Share with someone you know who is seeking spiritual help. After all, we all need to spend time with God and this woman has written this month’s content to help all of us find our own unique quiet spaces.

Patricia Wilson

Pat Wilson 2017
Desktop - Any amount of time in God's presence is valuable.



Week One: How can we remember that God is always present, even during the difficult times?

Week Two: Where are the dark valleys in our lives?

Week Three: How can we use a dark valley to grow closer to God?

Week Four: If you believe that Jesus sees you and loves you, where would that belief be evident in your spiritual life and relationships?

The Book

Read: “A Quiet Space for Endings and Beginnings,” Quiet Spaces, pages 181-205.

The contributor for this month is Patricia Wilson, author of Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women. Get the book to find simple ways to create quiet spaces with God in your everyday life.

Also available at,, and other online retailers.

Backgrounds and Social Images

Use these images sized for backgrounds and social sharing to help remind you and your contacts to engage in your quiet space with God. Remember to use the hashtag #MyQuietSpaces in your posts and tweets.

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