Women of My Quiet Spaces

Linda Furtado

Formational Learning Technology Specialist, Upper Room Books, Tennessee, USA

Sharon Conley Cottingham

Director of Formational Learning, The Upper Room, Tennessee, USA

Hilda R Davis

Hilda R. Davis

My Quiet Spaces “This Joy I Have” blog contributor and author of Live Healthy and Be Well: Create an Action Plan. Founder of HR Davis Consulting, Hilda has practiced as a counselor and coach for over seventeen years. She writes about living with passion, energy, and love through living your mission on her blog, “Think Mission: Live Passionately.”  Hilda lives in Houston, Texas, USA.

Cara Coble

Content and Metadata Manager, Upper Room Books, Tennessee, USA

Kristen Vincent

My Quiet Spaces content contributor and author of A Bead and a Prayer, Another Bead, Another Prayer, and Beads of Healing. Kristen is owner and principal artisan of Prayerworks Studio, which specializes in creating handcrafted prayer beads and other prayer tools. She speaks widely on prayer and prayer beads and enjoys leading retreats. Kristen blogs at PrayerWorksStudio.com  and lives with her husband and son in Georgia, USA.

J. Dana Trent

My Quiet Spaces content contributor and author of Saffron Cross and For Sabbath’s Sake. Dana is currently an adjunct faculty member at the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, where she teaches World Religion, English, and Public Speaking. She leads “Writing as a Spiritual Practice” workshops and  specializes in writing and spiritual direction surrounding interfaith topics, spiritual practices, death, and grief. Her work has appeared on Patheos, Time.com, The Christian Century, The Huffington Post, and Sojourners. She lives with her husband in North Carolina, USA.


MagdaV (1)

Magda Velander

Guest Relations and Spanish Language Publishing Coordinator, The Upper Room, Nashville, USA. Magda translated the book Quiet Spaces into Spanish, Espacios de Calma: Momentos de oración para mujeres.

Joanna Bradley

Acquisitions Editor, Upper Room Books, Tennessee, USA

Anne Trudel

Editor & Author Relations Manager, Upper Room Books, Tennessee, USA

Cindy Solomon

Cindy Solomon

Content Writer and Marketing Consultant, Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Beth Richardson

My Quiet Spaces content contributor and author of Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me: Celtic Blessings. Former managing editor of Alive Now magazine, Beth is now Director of Prayer and Upper Room Worship Life. She serves as a deacon at Edgehill United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Beth is from Oklahoma, USA.

Whitney R. Simpson

My Quiet Spaces content contributor and author of Holy Listening with Breath, Body, and the Spirit. Whitney serves as a retreat facilitator, spiritual director, and yoga instructor. She seeks to experience and share the gifts of God’s peace. Connect with Whitney at ExploringPeace.com. She lives in Tennessee, USA.

Charlene Eubank

Retired Director of Fulfillment for The Upper Room daily devotional guide. Charlene enjoys doing freelance administrative projects. She is an active community volunteer inside and outside of her church and has a variety of hobbies, including scrapbooking. Charlene lives in Tennessee, USA.

Janice Neely

Director of Content and Ministry Engagement, Upper Room Books, Tennessee, USA

Erin Palmer

Assistant Editor and Coordinating Editor for The Upper Room Disciplines, Upper Room Books, Tennessee, USA

Patricia "Pat" Wilson

Pat Wilson

My Quiet Spaces content contributor and author of Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

Linda Bruner

Linda Bruner

Ministry Engagement Manager, Upper Room Books, Tennessee, USA

Jane Herring

My Quiet Spaces content contributor and author of One Day I Wrote Back. Dana is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA). She serves as a hospice and hospital chaplain, retreat leader, teacher of contemplative practices, and preacher in Tennessee, USA.

Sharon Seyfarth Garner

My Quiet Spaces content contributor and author of Praying with Mandalas and Mandalas, Candles, and Prayer. Sharon is an ordained United Methodist pastor, a spiritual director, and a retreat leader. Founder of Belly of the Whale Spiritual Direction & Retreat Ministries, Sharon finds great joy in sharing the journey of spiritual discovery with others. She also enjoys spending time with her family, kayaking, making pottery, singing loudly, and taking long walks with her husband and dog and lives in Ohio, USA.

Gina Manskar

My Quiet Spaces project manager and contributor. Gina is certified as a holistic life coach. She lives with her husband in Tennessee, USA.

Blanca Longhurst

Director of International Relations, Latin America North and Spanish Language Marketing. She is responsible for working with The Upper Room partners of the Spanish edition of the daily devotional, El Aposento Alto. Blanca’s focus is in the northern and central part of Latin America and the Caribbean. Her ministry with The Upper Room began in 1988. Born in Chicago, IL, Blanca is of Mexican heritage. She is married, has two daughters and a grandson named Max. Blanca likes to decorate, cook, travel and garden.

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