What does it take to move beyond line barriers?

Read: “Paint-by Number Living,” When You Come Unglued . . . Stick Close to God, pages 113-122.



Just Imagine

How do the words “splash paint all over the barn of your life” make me feel? Why?


Contrast in Color

You’ll need crayons or coloured pencils for this. This is just for fun: draw a simple picture in your journal: a tree, some flowers, a horizon, sky and the sun – just as you might have as a six year old. Now colour them all the “wrong” colours and don’t worry about the lines of the drawing. Reflect on how you felt as you did this. 


Freedom from Lines

“God of my Being, give me the courage to choose the “wrong” colour now and again. Let me feel the freedom of knowing that you are with me and are freeing me from the tyranny of the lines. Amen”


Share Your Faith:

Considering What is Possible

Discussion Question
Do you think it’s reasonable, or even possible, to talk about stepping beyond the boundaries of our lives? Why or why not?

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