What do we do with the fears that keep us from living the life God intends for us?

Read “Living in the Now,” When You Come Unglued . . . Stick Close to God, pages 71-81.

Holding Back REFLECT


Holding Back

What is holding me back from joyously leaping out of my safe and comfortable world, even though I sense God calling me to a new horizon?

Stretching Our Imagination CREATE


Stretching Our Imagination

Write at the top of a blank page: “If I could do anything I wanted with no repercussions from friends or family and no concerns about money or related matters, I would______________.” See how many different scenarios you can come up with. When done, ask yourself what they say about your current life.

Hear God’s Voice PRAY


Hear God’s Voice

I want to step out in faith, trusting you to meet me at the point of my greatest need, but I am afraid. I’m afraid that (list your fears). Help me to hear your voice above the crashing waves of fear and tumult of my life. Give me the strength to keep my eyes on you–no matter what my sea of circumstances may be.


Share Your Faith:


Discussion Question
Walking on water is at times used as an example of an impossible task. When you feel yourself overwhelmed by life’s impossible circumstances, what helps you to remember that you are not alone? How can we help each other remember that we are supported in our journey?

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