What does it mean to be a “Christian in motion”?

Read: “A Quiet Space to Find Refreshment,” Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women, pages 19-43.

Wait or Take Action REFLECT


Wait or Take Action

Am I a “Christian in motion”? Or do I tend to stand and wait for something to move me?

Brainstorming CREATE



When we aren’t sure about the direction to take, we might try a few things. What are some things you could try to move in the direction you’re looking?

Holy Spirit, Remind Me PRAY


Holy Spirit, Remind Me

God of the Wind and the Restless Wave, show me how to move, how to be in motion in my prayer life. Guide me with the breath of the Spirit, like a feather floating in the breeze, so that in my motion, I may come to the place you have chosen for me. Amen.



Sharing Your Faith:

Keep on Trying

Discussion Question
Sometimes finding the path is really a matter of “banging on doors.” When we don’t feel that we have a clear direction, we can start moving anyway, trying different doors until we find one that opens. Have you ever had the experience of “banging on doors”? What happened?

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