How do we stay hopeful and optimistic even when things aren’t going our way?

Read: “A Quiet Space to Find Refreshment,” Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women, pages 19-43.

Walking Away REFLECT


Walking Away

Do I find it difficult to walk away from something that isn’t going the way I wanted it to? Why or why not?

Becoming More Aware CREATE


Becoming More Aware

Today, be aware of doors. Look for them and if possible, take a photo. See how many different doors you can find. Notice their shape, color, and size. Into what sort of buildings do they enter?

Expressing Gratitude PRAY


Expressing Gratitude

Loving God, thank you for all the doors you’ve opened in my life and for those which you didn’t open. I thank you for… (Name some doors which opened for you and some that did not.) Amen.


Knowing When to Quit SHARE YOUR FAITH

Sharing Your Faith:

Knowing When to Quit

Discussion Question
Why do you think we continue trying to push through a door when it doesn’t open? What are we hoping will happen?

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