Where are the dark valleys in our lives?

Read: “A Quiet Space for Endings and Beginnings,” Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women, pages 181-205.

Placing Blame - REFLECT


Placing Blame

Do I think God deliberately brings me into the dark valley? If yes, what would be the purpose of this? If no, why do I find myself in a dark valley?

Ongoing Challenges - CREATE


Ongoing Challenges

Think of one situation that is ongoing in your life–a person, place, event or thing that you wish would change. Write about it as it is, and then write about how you want it to be. What would bring about this change?

Reaching Out to God - PRAY


Reaching Out to God

God of my being, be present with me in all the moments of my days, even in those moments when I feel alone and forgotten. Let me feel your loving presence in the darkest hours, even when I think you are not there. Amen.

Bearing Persistent Burdens - SHARE YOUR FAITH

Sharing Your Faith:

Bearing Persistent Burdens

Discussion Question:
Most people think of a dark valley as a single event or series of events that overtake us. Rather than a single instance, is it possible that a dark valley can be an ongoing situation in our lives, such as a broken relationship or a health concern? What does that say to us about God’s care for us?

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