How can we remember that God is always present, even during the difficult times?

Read: “A Quiet Space for Endings and Beginnings,” Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women, pages 181-205.

Remaining Strong in Faith - REFLECT


Remaining Strong in Faith

When things are going wrong in my life, do I tend to shut out God and then complain that God has shut out me? How can I make sure that I remain strong in my faith when I’m in a dark valley?

Reminders of God's Presence - CREATE


Reminders of God’s Presence

Sometimes, it’s helpful to remind ourselves of God’s gracious love for us. Make a list of the times when you’ve felt God’s presence. Be very specific, and after each one example, take a moment to relive it and then thank God for it. At the end of your list, write one word for each example. It might look something like: school picnic, hospital, meeting Seth, Murphy’s. The words have no meaning for anyone but you. Now, memorize your words and begin to use them whenever you’re feeling deserted by God – they are strong tangible reminders that wherever you are right now, God is still with you.

Prayer of Gratitude


Prayer of Gratitude

Faithful God, thank you that you are always with me. Thank you for your presence in my life. Thank you for your hand of Love that guides me. Thank you for being with me in the darkest times. Bring me to the place where I can truly say, ‘Thank you for that dark valley, for it brought me closer to You.’ Amen.

Distraction and Faith - SHARE YOUR FAITH

Sharing Your Faith:

Distraction and Faith

Discussion Question
Do you think it’s harder to reflect your Christian faith when things are going wrong? Why do you think this is or isn’t the case?

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