How can I trust the holy process of growth through patience, presence, perception, and participation?

Read: Entry for January 9, “Listening to Winter,” Rhythms of Growth: 365 Meditations to Nurture the Soul, p. 21.

Open-Hearted REFLECT



Spend some “slow time” with the Prayer for An Open Heart. Listen for God’s invitation to participate in this open door to your own “rhythms of growth.” Download the Prayer for an Open Heart.

Communing with Nature CREATE


Communing with Nature

Spend some time outside (or gazing out a window). Notice the steady movement of trees, plants, sun, moon, all elements of the Creation. Imagine yourself as part of this luminous web of meaning and growth.

O, Divine Teacher PRAY


O, Divine Teacher

Address God as your divine teacher, as you pray the Prayer for Learning.  How can you be a more willing student? Download the Prayer for Learning.

Monitoring Our Thoughts SHARING YOUR FAITH

Sharing Your Faith:

Monitoring Our Thoughts

Together read the Tale of Two Wolves (p. 32). Evaluate honestly the ways you feed the “negative wolf” and the “positive wolf.” explore ways to support each other in monitoring thoughts and words of complaint or blessing.