How can I use winter to take control over patterns in my life that no longer serve me?

Read: Entries for January 11 and 16, “Listening to Winter,” Rhythms of Growth: 365 Meditations to Nurture the Soul, pp. 23, 27-28.

Getting Real REFLECT


Getting Real

Think about the anxiety and frustration you experience. Consider times when you say yes when your inner guidance is saying no, times when you feel harried and hurried. Take an honest look at ways you may be contributing to that anxiety. What changes might you make to better the situation?

Quiet Space CREATE


Quiet Space

Read the Parable of the Rocks on p. 25 (January 13) in Rhythms of Growth. Imagine this story being addressed directly to you. List your “big rocks” at this point in your life. Download The Parable of the Rocks.

Morning Routine PRAY


Morning Routine

Carefully consider praying the Preparation Prayer by Dr. Jerry Wright as a part of your morning routine, or  use your own prayer practice to “pray the day.” Download the Preparation Prayer.

Reassess Your Priorities SHARE YOUR FAITH

Sharing Your Faith:

Reassess Your Priorities

Discussion Question
What are specific ways you might reorder your time management so that your highest priorities (“big rocks”) receive the attention they warrant? Share ideas for making your days less stressful.