How can I discover and nurture more fallow time during this winter season?

Read: Entries for January 3, 4, and 23, “Listening to Winter, Rhythms of Growth: 365 Meditations for Nurturing the Soul, pp. 15-17 and 34-35.

Restlessness REFLECT



Read about the concept of Divine Discontent, p. 34-35 (January 23). How have you experienced this kind of restlessness? Since divine discontent always comes before a positive life change, how can you reframe it as invitation instead of condemnation?

Prepare for Spring CREATE


Prepare for Spring

Sketch a cocoon, imaging it as your own soul’s home in these winter moments. What new life might be forming there? What fresh way of being or doing?

Lead Me, O God PRAY


Lead Me, O God

Read Thomas Merton’s famous prayer and honor the Spirit’s call to this kind of openness. Download the Merton Prayer.


Sharing Your Faith:

Daily Respite

Discussion Question
What might be some ideas for ideas for “mini-vacations” that can provide respite for you during your day (examples, Breath Prayer, a walk outside). Share your ideas and commit to engaging in at least one each day.