What would you do if you had all the time in the world?

Read: Section 3, “A Quiet Space to Pray for Life’s Stresses,” Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women, pages 85-117.

Wishing for More Time REFLECT


Wishing for More Time

What is one place in your life where you wish you had more time?

Doing a Time Audit CREATE


Doing a Time Audit

Think of all the different things you do in a day – working, shopping, household chores, personal grooming, commuting or carpooling, watching television, crafts and hobbies, child care, sleeping. Add as many categories as you need to get a picture of how you spend time. Now, with your whole day being 100 percent, assign a percentage of time to each one. Reflect on where you think you’d like to spend more time, where you’d like to spend less time, where you feel that you are forced to spend time. Offer your concerns to God.

Becoming More Mindful PRAY


Becoming More Mindful

Limitless God, grant that I may receive time as a gift from you. Teach me to live in this moment.” (Continue praying for this moment in your life.)

Time and Our Habits SHARE YOU FAITH

Sharing Your Faith:

Time and Our Habits

Discussion Question
What’s the one activity that you think you spend too much time on? Is that a good or bad thing? Why?