You show me the path of life.
In your presence there is fullness of joy;
in your right hand are pleasures forevermore. —Psalm 16:11, NRSV

Throughout this year I have shared with you what joy looks like in my life. We are now in the Advent season and are preparing for the proclamation and birth of Jesus, the ultimate reason for our joy. Sometimes in the midst of what should be a season filled with joyous expectation and reflection, we encounter the reality that joy is not so easy to sustain. And sometimes we are so busy preparing to bring joy to others that it is not even easy to name our joys.

I selected five posts from this year that I hope will remind you to seriously seek opportunities for your joy and self-care. Maybe one thought will inspire you to find peace by sitting quietly and meditating on what matters most to you. Or you may feel inspired by this song that has helped me through more than one difficult situation: Jesus, You’re the Center of My Joy. Here are excerpts from five of my posts that remind me of my purpose: offering joy through writing.

  1.    Keep Going

This blog [This Joy I Have] is about living with joy and about the joy that comes from living with purpose. I will focus our attention on the healing, restorative power of living with joy. My hope is that you will discover your own strength; fully live your divine purpose; and, most of all, connect to your joy.

  •      What brings you joy and allows you to keep going?
  •      Are you living your purpose? If you aren’t, then continue to listen to your story and stories you will read here. Your purpose will unfold.
  1.    Sweet Eyes

Then, of course, remember that God’s love for you transcends an annual celebration. You have access to the perfect peace, the unspeakable joy, and the everlasting love of Jesus Christ whenever you show loving-kindness to yourself and others.

  1.  10 Reasons for Joy During Lent

Observing Lent allows me to dedicate 40 days to reflect on my relationship with God, others, and myself to gain insights for new ways of living with more joy and becoming more healthy and well.

  1.  Make Your Vision Plain

Write your goals, create the vision, and make it plain. Set your God direction and it won’t have to match the corporate plan. You can achieve your dreams, live your purpose, and sail into the sunset! Join me on the My Quiet Spaces cruise.

  1.  Blogs I Like for Health and Wellness

Weighty Matters is not only a blog, but on every post there are videos that give more information on the importance of food choices. Yoni Freedhoff uses humor, research, and his own medical expertise to weigh in on health information you may not see on CNN or WebMD.

May your preparation for and celebration of the Christ child bring you joy and peace.