How can you bring God into your challenges?

Read: Section 3, “A Quiet Space to Pray for Life’s Stresses,” Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women, pages 85-117.

Remembering to Pray REFLECT


Remembering to Pray

At what point do you begin to pray for God’s presence in your challenges? Do you remember to do it right away, or do you think of it later on?

Gratitude and God’s Love CREATE


Gratitude and God’s Love

Draw around an outline of your hand on the page. Label each finger: Place, Smell, Sound, Situation, Person. Then write about a place where you feel happy and relaxed. Describe your favorite smell(s). What sound do you enjoy? What is your favorite activity or situation? Who is a person (living or deceased) who affirms you and uplifts you?  These are your simple gratitudes.  Reflect on what it means that your life has these gratitudes and how they relate to God’s love for you.

Calling on God PRAY


Calling on God

Think of a stressful situation. Pray “Into my life, come, Lord Jesus, come. Into my feelings, come, Lord Jesus, come. Into this situation, come, Lord Jesus, come.” (Sit quietly and allow the sense of God’s presence to fill you with peace.)

Difficult People SHARE YOUR FAITH

Sharing Your Faith:

Difficult People

Discussion Questions
How can we pray for people we don’t like, those who cause us distress and sap our joy? What can we do to help us remember to invite God into our challenges sooner than we do?