Do you react or respond to stressful circumstances?

Read: Section 3, “A Quiet Space to Pray for Life’s Stresses,” Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women, pages 85-117.

Constructive or Destructive REFLECT


Constructive or Destructive

What is one constructive way that you handle your stressors? What are some of the destructive ways you deal with stressors in your life? How do these reactions affect your relationships?

Assessing Our Reactions CREATE


Assessing Our Reactions

Draw four columns on a blank page. Label them: Stressor, Reason, Usual Reaction, Constructive or Destructive. Describe a stressor. Consider why it causes you stress. Reflect on how you usually react? Is this a constructive or destructive reaction? When done, reflect on how often you use destructive reactions to cope with stressors.

Help Me, O God PRAY


Help Me, O God

Knowing God, thank you that you know me through and through and understand the stressors that I am facing right now. Forgive me for hurting myself and others through my reactions. I know this is not how you want me to live my life. Help me to respond with prayer. (Pray a short mantra, “God is with me”, for as long as you feel comfortable.)

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Discussion Questions
What is your usual way of dealing with difficult stress triggers? How does this make you feel? Does it solve the issue?