What keeps you resistant to making time for sabbath?

Read Chapter 8, “My Sabbath Journey (What I’ve Learned So Far),” For Sabbath’s Sake: Embracing Your Need for Rest, Worship, and Community, pp. 117-122.

Identifying Resistance REFLECT


Identifying Resistance

What is the area in your life in which you are the most stubborn when it comes to sabbath practices of rest, worship, and community? Why do you think that is?

Making Different Choices CREATE


Making Different Choices

In solitude, write all the excuses you use to keep yourself from practicing sabbath. What can you do to overcome these excuses in order to glean more sabbath time? What can you say “No!” to order to say “YES!” to God, yourself, and quality time with loved ones?

Calling on the Spirit PRAY


Calling on the Spirit

Holy God, you know us inside and out. You know all my stubborn parts. By your Spirit, move in me to let go of my excuses and lean into sabbath. Embolden me to say, “YES!” to sabbath and “No!” to those temporary things which don’t quench my thirst for connection to You. Amen.

Create a Support System SHARE YOUR FAITH

Share Your Faith:

Create a Support System

With your family, faith community, or friends, collect rocks that are large enough to write on. Wash the rocks; once they are drive, use a permanent marker to write on one side of the rock write “YES!” On the other side, write “No!” Use the rocks to discuss and practice with one another what you must say “No!” to in order to say “YES!” to sabbath practices. Consider the sabbath buddy system. Enlist the help of friends and family to gently remind you to say “YES!” to holy time each week.

Create Your Plan

Now that you understand your resistance and have a support system, you are ready to make a plan to integrate sabbath into your week. Download this guide “Leaning into Sabbath: A Plan for Changing Your Sabbath Practice.”