How do social norms and expectations, culture, economics, community, and personal values affect your time off?

Read: Chapter 3, “Sabbath, Culture, and the Economy of Frenzy,” For Sabbath’s Sake: Embracing Your Need for Rest, Worship, and Community, pp. 49-62.

Shifts in the Culture REFLECT


Shifts in the Culture

Reflect on all the technological changes you have seen in your lifetime. Next, think about how society’s expectations of work, money, and community ties have changed since you were a child. What changes have you witnessed, for better or worse?

Beginning a Plan CREATE


Beginning a Plan

In solitude, write down the technological, societal, cultural, and economic influences, as well as the personal values that have kept you from embracing sabbath. As you write, think about how you might compensate for each of those influences to create more space for sabbath in your life.

God Is Our Unwavering Constant PRAY


God Is Our Unwavering Constant

Comforting God, the only constant in our lives is change. But change can bring both progress and frustration. Infuse me with strength to stay steadfast in my practice of rest, worship, and community—even amid all the changes around me. You are my constant, my blessed assurance, my center and your love is steadfast. Amen.

Talk with Others SHARE YOUR FAITH

Share Your Faith:

Talk with Others

Discussion Questions
How has time changed for you and your friends in the past year, decade, or 20 years? Discuss all the ways in which time feels more hurried, and what you might do about that.