Do you not know that you are God’s temple
and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? —1 Corinthians 3:16

This year is almost over. This is October and like me you may sigh and say, “Where has the year gone?” This year I have had the honor and pleasure of writing for and doing what I love: offering health and wellness inspiration to women of God. As I thought about how to end the year, it came to me to offer a three-part series: Body, Mind, and Spirit Wellness by month:

  • October: Body—becoming the expert on your own body to live healthy and well.
  • November: Mind—exploring what you need to prepare emotionally for the highs and the lows of the holidays.
  • December: Spirit—creating a Wellness Holiday Plan that allows you to live joyfully.

What Does Your Body Need to be Well?

Women Opt To Skip Pelvic Exams When Told They Have Little Benefit—this article presents the conflicting advice of the experts. This is an opportunity for a conversation with your healthcare provider to know what is best for your medical care.

The 9-Minute Strength Workout—Some of these I do as part of my yoga. I choose one or two movements and repeat those until I am comfortable. Then I add something new. I need repetition to make it a regular routine.

Three “Go-To” Health Websites

I encourage you to enjoy these blogs, but use your own discernment about what will work for you. Do not hesitate to see your health professional with questions, especially if you’re thinking about starting a new type of exercise.

Needless to say, I am a health and wellness info junkie! Every day I read an article, a blog post, or book chapter on health and wellness. Here are a few I subscribe to that (even when contradictory) help me to know there are many ways to be well. Just be aware of what your body needs. If you have some favorite resources, please share them with us in the Comments section.

Your body is amazing! Take time daily to care for it in a special way. Let me know what you’d like to see or what works for your health.


My Joys

  • All of us celebrating my granddaughter’s 1-year birthday with my family in Detroit
  • Creating a meditation space in my home
  • One of the authors I coach finishing his book