How does stress, busyness, or a chronic illness affect our ability to be present and mindful?


Read Chapter 3, “Sabbath, Culture, and the Economy of Frenzy,” For Sabbath’s Sake: Embracing Your Need for Rest, Worship, and Community, pp. 49-62.




Reflect on an event or series of events that left you completely drained. How did it/they impact your life? How did you feel? What were the consequences of your being burned out?

Mapping Change CREATE


Mapping Change

In solitude, write words and phrases you associate with feeling burned out. Then, on another piece of paper, write words or phrases you associate with feeling renewed, rested, and connected to God and others. When you are finished, post the paper with the words of revival where you can see it. Notice how much energy they bring you as you reread them. When you’re ready, tear up the piece of paper with the burned-out feeling words on it. Free yourself from the trap of being drained and focus on the positive of the other paper. If you feel stuck, write down words that you hope to associate with sabbath in an ideal setting.

The Need for Rest PRAY


The Need for Rest

God of grace, you have given us rest so that we may feel renewed, not ragged—buoyed, not broken. Help us to take in what it really feels like to practice renewal, rest, and connection. May we be drawn to those feelings and drawn to you. This week, help me to hold those feelings close to my heart. Amen.

Supporting Others SHARE YOUR FAITH

Share Your Faith:

Supporting Others

Discussion Questions

How have you supported others when they felt burned out? How have you been supported when you felt burned out? What might you do for yourself and friends when feeling overwhelmed?