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Flora Slosson Wuellner

Flora Slosson Wuellner

Flora Slosson Wuellner is a teacher, retreat leader, spiritual director, and author. Her specialized ministry of spiritual renewal and inner healing, both individual and communal, spans more than forty years.

She is well known throughout the United States and Europe for her writings and retreat leadership, which focus on the inner healing that God freely offers through Christ.

Flora is a retired ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. She received her master of divinity degree from Chicago Theological Seminary and served pastorates in Idaho, Wyoming, and Illinois before she moved into the specialized ministry of spiritual renewal. She was an adjunct faculty member at Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California, for twelve years. She lives in Fair Oaks, California.

If our spirituality, no matter how disciplined, lofty and inspiring, is making us less warmly human, more detached, suspicious of our human ‘feelings, emotions, and passions,’ then something has gone seriously wrong. —Flora Slosson Wuellner

Flora has written fourteen books on inner healing and renewal.  Her books include:

Enter by the Gate: Jesus’ 7 Guidelines When Making Hard Choices

Forgiveness, the Passionate Journey: Nine Steps of Forgiving Through Jesus’ Beatitudes            

Prayer and Our Bodies

Prayer, Stress, and Our Inner Wounds

Feed My Shepherds: Spiritual Healing and Renewal for Those in Christian Leadership

Miracle: When Christ Touches Our Deepest Need

Beyond Death: What Jesus Revealed about Eternal Life

We are told that though our choices stand as unchangeable facts in the old universe, God offers us a new universe. We are still responsible for trying to make what restitution we can, for trying to heal wounds we have inflicted, but the crushing burden of guilt is lifted from us. The prison door is open, and that place we used to live is no longer our home. We are no longer the persons we were then. Who knows but that God will give us the joy of some new morning in a new vineyard to work within God’s love! —Flora Slosson Wuellner

Click here for a sample excerpt from Feed My Shepherds: Spiritual Healing and Renewal for Those in Christian Leadership.

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