If you allowed yourself to believe that God loves you as you are, what would change in your spiritual life?

Read “Check Your Baggage,” When You Come Unglued… Stick Close to God, page 37.

Consider Your Strengths REFLECTION


Consider Your Strengths

How do you feel when you compare yourself to a Christian whom you respect? In spite of your imperfections, think of realistic ways you can strive to strengthen your Christian character and be all that God calls you to be.

Characteristics of a Christian CREATIVE EXPRESSION

Creative Expression:

Characteristics of a Christian

Write down five words that describe a Christian. Reflect on how or if you live out those characteristics in your own life. For example, you might write prayerful. If you pray—often or occasionally—then you are someone who practices prayer. Reflect on how God sees you versus how you see yourself.


Prayer Moment:

Just As I Am

Accepting God, some days I don’t feel worthy of your love. I get overwhelmed by my weaknesses and faults. Help me to let them go and accept that you love me today, tomorrow, and always—just as I am. Amen.

Dwelling on Goodness and Strength


Dwelling on Goodness and Strength

Rather than dwelling on your weaknesses and shortcomings, what can you do to begin focusing on the goodness and strength that God has given you? Share with others ways that they are examples of God’s goodness and strength to you.

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