Where do you feel broken?

Read “Check Your Baggage,” When You Come Unglued… Stick Close to God, page 37.

Identifying Expectations REFLECTION


Identifying Expectations

Do you believe that you can ever be completely healed from painful events that hurt you in the past? Why or why not?


Creative Expression:

Opening to Freedom

If you have an emotional or spiritual wound that needs healing, write about how it would feel to be free from its pain. Be specific. Complete the following sentences: I would feel____________. I would be able to______________. Write a prayer asking God to heal you.

Prayer for Healing and Wholeness PRAYER

Prayer Moment:

Prayer for Healing and Wholeness

Loving God, you know where I hurt most. I can’t seem to move past some painful events in my life. (List these events, and entrust them to God’s loving care.) Mend my broken soul, O God. Bind up the wounded places. Heal the pain and the sorrow. Make me whole again. Amen.

Sharing Healing Experiences DISCUSSION


Sharing Healing Experiences

How have you found healing from past hurts in your life? How is your life different because of it?

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