cruise shipEarly next year I have the privilege of being part of what promises to be a unique and rich spiritual growth experience. I hope you will consider joining me for the My Quiet Spaces Retreat at Sea, January 25-29, 2018—a retreat designed especially for women who follow Christ. In this time apart, we will relax in the warmth of the Caribbean while enjoying the comforts and activities of the ship, beaches, and ports. And we will engage our minds, bodies, and spirits through music, creative writing, meditation, movement, and prayer. This brochure explains all the details.

While we will have many opportunities for personal renewal and connection with God, even more special is the opportunity this retreat presents to gather with other women in community—other kindred souls. We will learn about each other, what we share in common and what makes us different. My work and my life experience have taught me the value of community. Jesus was all about community. He knew that we need each other, that we are all connected by the Spirit. How joyful it will be for all of us to meet!

group of diverse women

I would love for you to join me in sharing the excitement of building community for this retreat experience. Let’s share our retreat-at sea stories in the Comments section below. Share who you are and tell me what led you to register. Are you going alone or with a group? With what do you hope to return home? Even if you’re not planning to participate this time, I invite you to share how community makes a difference in your wellness, your relationship with God, and your joy.

Here is a list of the diverse program offerings. Surely you will find something that resonates with you. The women leading these workshop experiences are all authors whose work has been represented on

  • Using Music to Connect with Your Spiritual Self with Patricia Wilson

One of the challenges of prayer is learning how to disconnect from your worldly self and connect to your spiritual self. . . .Through the use of the Native American flute, Patricia Wilson will demonstrate how music can aid your prayer life.

  • Interacting with Scripture through Creative Writing with Jane Herring

In this workshop, you will interact with scripture, write your own prayers and psalms, and go home with writing exercises that will help you continue deepening your relationship with God. No writing experience is required!

  • Renew Your Body, Mind, and Spirit through Self-Care with Hilda R. Davis

Do you find yourself placing your own self-care at the end of your long to-do list? Renew yourself through mind, body, and spirit activities designed to integrate easily into your daily lifestyle. You will go home with a personal self-care plan and a 30-day follow-up to inspire you to keep going.

  • Be Still: Introduction to Meditation and Contemplative Prayer with J. Dana Trent

Do you long for more inner peace? This workshop offers basic tools for beginning a meditation and/or contemplative prayer practice. . . . At the conclusion of this session, you will have the tools you need to establish a regular meditation and/or contemplative prayer habit at home.

  • Finding Quiet Spaces with Prayer Beads with Kristen Vincent

In this workshop, you will explore ways to use prayer beads to relax and listen to God’s still small voice. The sight of prayer beads draws you into a sense of calm and quiet; the feel of the beads reminds you of God’s presence within the quiet.

  • Every Step a Prayer with Linda Furtado

If you are interested in building your relationship with God while walking, this workshop is a step in the right direction. Pray and praise God as you walk and learn how to fill your day with worship by making every step a prayer.

In looking back on the cruises I’ve taken, I remember that it was really the people I met that made the trip special. Yes, the food was delicious and abundant; the ports were exciting, and the views breathtaking. But, sharing all of this with others made it more than a cruise; it became a transforming experience.

So let’s begin to do some community building now, sharing stories and getting to know each other, women supporting women. Let’s build a Christian women’s community that will show Kim Kardashian’s people how women supporting women looks. My Quiet Spaces is part of something bigger than ourselves. It is part of The Upper Room, a worldwide ministry. What a cloud of witnesses we have in common. Not only can we make this retreat at sea something to cherish, but we can be witnesses to the love and community that happens when Christian women come together.


My quinoa bowl

Daily Joys

•  Packing for our move from an apartment to a house
•  Working with Freedom School at Blueridge United Methodist Church near Houston, Texas
•  Making my own “rice bowl” with quinoa & kale (healthier)
•  My slightly burnt but delicious blueberry muffins
•  Preparing to lead another stimulating vision board party
•  Waking to the joy that the cold I had is leaving me