What protective barriers have you created that might also be acting to shut out God’s love?

Read “Check Your Baggage,” When You Come Unglued… Stick Close to God, page 37.

Free to Be Loved REFLECTION


Free to Be Loved

Would it be possible for you to live with no emotional barriers or walls for your protection? If you know someone who lives this way, describe him or her. How are you similar? How are you different?


Creative Expression:

Mapping Barriers

You’ll need crayons or markers for this. Draw a picture of a wall—a stack of logs, a brick wall, a rock wall, a cement barrier. Write on the wall what you have used to create it in your life. Use red for things that make you angry, blue for things that make you sad, and green for things that create jealousy. When you’re done, see what color is the most dominant. Ask God to show you how to remove those barriers.

Prayer for Transformation PRAYER

Prayer Moment:

Prayer for Transformation

Gentle God, I’ve built walls around me to protect me from getting hurt. I know that these walls make it difficult for your love to get through. Today, begin to gently break down my walls with your loving presence. By your Spirit, replace my fear with your love. I want to experience your love for me.

Trying Something New DISCUSSION


Trying Something New

How can you open yourself to others, taking down the barriers that you have built?

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