Hurnard, Hannah

Hannah Hurnard (1905—1990) was a British and American writer most noted for her series of modern Christian allegories.

The first, Hinds’ Feet on High Places, draws on holiness doctrine and imagery from the Song of Solomon to tell how Much-Afraid leaves her home in the Valley of Humiliation to follow the Shepherd to the High Places, a journey that involves increasing sacrifice and self-abandonment.

Over the course of her works spanning thirty years (including Mountains of Spices, a sequel to Hinds’ Feet) Hurnard shows a spiritual progression that becomes increasingly universalistic and esoteric to the point that many find her later views extreme.

Love opens the eyes of our understanding and enables us to see more of the truth than can those who are blinded by self-love. Those who love most, see most. —Hannah Hurnard

Hurnard also spent many years doing mission work in Israel through its tumultuous beginning as a nation in the middle of the twentieth century. Her work Watchmen on the Walls is a journal of those experiences.