What emotional “baggage” prevents you from enjoying God’s love?

Read “Check Your Baggage,” When You Come Unglued… Stick Close to God, page 37.

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God’s Love for Us

Do you believe that God loves everyone equally? Do you struggle with the belief that God loves others more than God loves you? Why or why not?

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Creative Expression:

Recalling Hurtful Memories

Write down one piece of “baggage” (a memory of people, places, behaviors, and experiences) that has remained with you despite all you’ve done to forget it. Describe it fully and in detail. Then read your words and underline anything that indicates a negative feeling about yourself. Prayerfully consider how these negative feelings keep you from fully accepting God’s love. What positive words can you focus on to help you release them?

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Prayer Moment:

Give It to God

Loving God, I offer you the baggage that I carry with me. (Think about what parts of your past still affect you today.) I trust this heavy load to you and know that you will not judge me for its contents but will lift it from me and set me free.

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Holding Back

What holds you back from accepting God’s love? How does it affect your spiritual life? Are you willing to let it go and trust that God loves you already?

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