What reminds you of the constancy of God during times of change?

Read “When You Feel Overwhelmed”—Quiet Spaces, pages 106-108.



God, Our Rock

God often is described as “The Rock of Ages.” How does this name inspire your confidence that God will remain faithful in times of change?

When Life Throws a Curve CREATIVE EXPRESSION

Creative Expression:

When Life Throws a Curve

When you experience unwanted change, you usually process your feelings in four phases: denial, resistance, acceptance, and integration. Journal about an unwanted change in your life. What phase are you currently experiencing? Reflect on how your commitment to relying on God could help you cope with change.

Ever-Present God PRAYER

Prayer Moment:

Ever-Present God

Rock of Ages, changeless God, hold me close to you as the world spins, ever-changing. Keep me safe, fill me with peace, still my anxious spirit, remind me of your constant love. Amen.

Sharing God’s Word DISCUSSION


Sharing God’s Word

How can you know that God is always constant and true? What Bible verses come to mind when you consider God’s faithful and steadfast nature?

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