How do you cope with change?

Read “When You Feel Overwhelmed”—Quiet Spaces, pages 106-108.

Tools for Coping REFLECTION


Tools for Coping

When the world is changing around you, what do you do to cope? How do you seek God’s guidance amidst change?


Creative Expression:

Capacity for Coping

Make a list down the side of a piece of paper with the following words: Ignore, Avoid, Control. For each word, consider negative ways you have coped with change in the past. What was the result?

Support from God PRAYER MOMENT

Prayer Moment:

Support from God

Continuing God, my world is full of change, and I often forget that you continue to be constant, loving, and true. Help me remember to turn to you when I feel overwhelmed and anxious about (name a change that is worrying you). Continue by expressing how you want God to help you with this change.

Learning from Others DISCUSSION


Learning from Others

Describe positive ways you can cope with change that you don’t like. How do you react when you are faced with sudden change?