How have changes in the world affected you?

Read “When You Feel Overwhelmed”—Quiet Spaces, pages 106-108.

Looking Back - Reflection


Looking Back

Where you have seen dramatic change in your lifetime? How has it affected your life?

Then and Now - Creative Expression

Creative Expression:

Then and Now

Write about a typical day at home when you were in elementary school. Now compare it to a typical day in your life today. Use the headings Values, Attitudes, Societal Expectations, and Relationships to contrast the two lifestyles. Reflect on which changes were positive and which changes negatively affected you.

Praying for Perspective - Prayer Moment

Prayer Moment:

Praying for Perspective

God of the constant, help me to understand the world in which I live. I particularly worry about (those difficult changes). Fill me with the assurance that when all else changes, you do not. (Continue to pray for specific changes in the world that affect you).

Sharing Experiences - Discussion Question


Sharing Experiences

What positive changes have occurred in the world during your lifetime? How do they affect you?