What is contemplative coloring?

Read Chapter 2: Intercessory Prayer—Praying with Mandalas, pages 47–51

Becoming Centered in God’s Presence - REFLECTION


Becoming Centered in God’s Presence

Contemplative coloring unites your hands, head, and heart in prayer and helps you stay centered in God’s presence. How might the simple act of coloring while praying help you to let go of distractions and focus on God?


Creative Expression:

Color and Pray

Allow yourself 20-30 minutes of sacred silence to color the intercessory prayer mandala. Read pages 17–18 in Praying with Mandalas for 10 simple tips for getting started with contemplative coloring. As you color and pray, you may want to hold a specific person on your heart or simply focus your attention on God. Let go of any pressure to stay inside the lines or to fill all the white space. You have no agenda other than to savor your time spent with God. Download the intercessory prayer mandala.

Draw Nearer to God - PRAYER MOMENT

Prayer Moment:

Draw Nearer to God

Creator God, help me to keep the distractions at bay and stay focused on your presence. May the spiritual practice of contemplative coloring draw me nearer to you. Here I am, Lord. Amen.

Share and Invite - DISCUSSION


Share and Invite

Ask your friends and family if they have ever tried contemplative coloring. Share ideas about how contemplative coloring could enhance your prayer life. If you have already tried praying with mandalas, share what you have learned. Invite friends and family to join you in a mandala coloring circle. Gather the resources and supplies that you will need to facilitate this: colored pencils, a copy of Praying with Mandalas or the intercessory prayer mandala, a Bible, a candle.