Write the vision;
    make it plain on tablets, . . .
    If it seems to tarry, wait for it;
    it will surely come, it will not delay. –Habakkuk 2:2, 3

affirmation card


When I am at a transition in my life or my career or I feel stalled, I take time to focus—to write my vision and make it plain. About ten years ago, my manager at the Tennessee Department of Health said we were “going in different directions,” and that was to be my last day. That was a little curious to me since I was the architect of the faith-based initiatives and had created the direction. Oh well. As a political appointee, I already knew my days were numbered; so I accepted—maybe acknowledged is a better word—their decision and went in my own “direction.”

Even as I loaded my few items onto a cart (I had already begun moving out in anticipation of the termination) I prayed, O God, what just happened? Then, Okay, Lord, what now? What next? A miracle was next. The church I attended had a new course called Live Your Dreams. That sounded good, and I had all this free time now, so I signed up.

When I arrived, the fellowship hall where the class was being held was almost full. I was excited and ready to get started. The leader instructed us to write down specific goals for what we wanted to see in our lives. She led us through the steps in the process and asked us to form small groups of three for support and encouragement. All of this action plan stuff was exactly what I love. Hearing what to do is nice, but I like to act and do something to change my circumstance or to make a good situation better.

My vision board

My vision board

Because of that workshop, my private practice JoyPath Unlimited was launched. I created JoyPath affirmation cards. I set up an office and used my licensed professional counselor credentials to join three insurance panels. (A panel adds me to insurance companies’ databases where their members can select my services.) That workshop at church changed my life. It gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to accomplish my dream of offering wellness counseling.

Lately, I have moved from writing my goals to collecting images that reflect what I’d like to see happen in my life and placing the pictures on a vision board. I wrote my body, mind, and spirit wellness goals and found pictures that represented my possibilities and the joy in my life. When I look at my vision board, I smile. Here is a brief lesson on creating your own vision board.

When you make your vision plain, your vision can become your reality. When we see images that show what our dream life looks like, it makes an impression on our hearts and spirits and on God. God honors the desires of our hearts. I did not have an image on my vision board of me on a cruise, but the desire of my heart is to help women live healthy and well. The images for that are healthy, beautiful food; exercise equipment, and serene environments for living and playing. God took my desire and multiplied it and has given me the honor of speaking on the My Quiet Spaces Retreat-at-Sea cruise in January 2018. Great food, opportunities for fun exercise, a beautiful environment where I can speak with women on health and wellness—God is good.

Write your goals, create the vision, and make it plain. Set your God direction and it won’t have to match the corporate plan. You can achieve your dreams, live your purpose, and sail into the sunset! Join me on the cruise.


Daily Joyswatermelon

  • Remembering how God led me to my private practice
  • Hearing a client say she has noticed her growing clarity
  • A positive report about her students from my friend who tutors
  • Having the courage to reschedule an important appointment to a more convenient time
  • Celebrating the tenth birthday of a little girl who doctors thought would not live to see age five
  • Waking up pain free
  • Enjoying a juicy, sweet watermelon in April