What is the purpose of prayer?

Read: “Thanks for the Privilege of Prayer”—Quiet Spaces, page 63

Our Will and God’s Will - Reflection


Our Will and God’s Will

What does “Thy will be done” mean to you?

Asking for Your Heart’s Desire - Creative Expression

Creative Expression:

Asking for Your Heart’s Desire

In your journal, write a deep desire of your heart. Then write a short prayer, asking God to fulfill this desire. Without judging or reflecting or reconsidering, write down every reason why God can’t or won’t give you the desire of your heart. Reflect on the ways you limit the power of prayer.

Opening to Possibilities - Prayer

Prayer Moment:

Opening to Possibilities

God of all possibility, help me to open myself to the many ways in which you answer my prayers. God of all power, remind me often that you are Lord of creation. God of great love, teach me as you would a loved child that with you all things are possible.

he Unexpected - Discussion


The Unexpected

How would you feel if God answered a prayer that you didn’t expect to be answered? Has this ever happened to you? How did you react?