I am about to do a new thing;
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

Shore - Rose Childress, Cape Town, South Africa

Photo Credit: Rose Childress, Cape Town, South Africa

Lent is over. We are in the Eastertide season of resurrection and new life. Have you thought of doing “a new thing” for your health? These blogs will give you new ideas for fitness and well-being. I had to make myself stop reading them so I could get this post in on time and get some sleep. ☹ Trust me—you will be hooked! Let me hear from you about the blogs that keep you up at night but are so worth it. (Actually, you need your rest, but an occasional reading binge may also have benefits!)

The blogs are in no particular order of importance. Note: The information on blogs is not medical advice—see your healthcare provider if you have specific health questions or before beginning a new exercise routine or diet.

I selected blogs whose focus is providing you information that will help you flourish, not to promote and sell their products.

Photo Credit: Church Health

Church Health Reader

I’ve been a big fan of the Church Health Center (now known as Church Health) for over a decade. When I worked for Tennessee Department of Health, we collaborated on a faith-health project. They are an amazing ecumenical organization; though their founder, Scott Morris, MD, is ordained in the UMC. Their scope includes a clinic, a wellness center, community outreach, and so much more. The Reader reflects the diverse nature of their ministry. This article, Walking as a Focal Practice, connects with my practice of walking as a spiritual discipline.

Weighty Matters logo

Weighty Matters is not only a blog, but on every post there are videos that give more information on the importance of food choices. Yoni Freedhoff uses humor, research, and his own medical expertise to weigh in on health information you may not see on CNN or WebMD. Freedhoff takes on the food advertising industry and reveals what we’re really getting in “healthy” snacks.

Wellness Mama logo

Love this blog! Wellness Mama is a user-friendly blog where Katie talks from personal experience about natural ways of staying healthy, including making her own home remedies. (I’m planning to make my own baby wipes using her instructions.) Also, her food recipes look great. This is a healthy alternative to packaged sausage: Homemade Breakfast Sausage. Let me know what you think; she is a real departure from most food sites with emphasis on fresh, simple ingredients and “mama” advice.

Food Heaven Made Easy logo

Food Heaven Made Easy is a fun, beautiful site created by two women, Jess and Wendy, both registered dieticians. Their vegetarian recipes (or “plant-based”) look delicious. Their Vegetable Quinoa Fried Rice is super simple and also nutritious. I am a big fan of fried rice and will add this to my (expanding) list to try.  

It took me three days to select these four blogs, but I enjoyed the search and will add more later. Let me know your favorite wellness sites and any recipes you try.  #LiveHealthyBeWell

I return to posting My Daily Joys. I hope you continued noting what brings you joy. I know it can be hard with competing obligations to even think about joyful stuff. However, joy is important for our well-being. When I snuggle Ryan, my granddaughter, I feel pure joy. Keep looking at the small (and big) joys in your day. Share them with us. I can then add hearing from you as one of my daily joys!

My Daily Joys

  • Attending sunrise service on Easter Sunday, a family tradition
  • Eating homemade crab cakes with sister-friends and my daughter—laughing, talking, and having fun
  • Red beans and rice, broiled salmon, and fresh squash
  • The family of cardinals in the tree outside my window
  • Getting a positive report from my colonoscopy
  • My daughter and granddaughter joining me for an evening walk
  • Making an Easter basket