What is the purpose of prayer?

Read: “Thanks for the Privilege of Prayer”—Quiet Spaces, page 63

Confidence in God - Reflection


Confidence in God

Describe a time when you felt as though God heard your prayer. What did you experience?

Hear My Prayer, O God - Creative Expression

Creative Expression:

Hear My Prayer, O God

Write the sentence “Loving God, hear my prayer” on a piece of paper. Use the following questions as journal prompts: What does it mean for God to hear your prayer? How does this sentence make you feel?

Breath Prayer - Prayer Moment

Prayer Moment:

Breath Prayer

Use the sentence from the Creative Expression as a breath prayer. As you inhale, say “Loving God.” As you exhale, say “hear my prayer.” Repeat this breath prayer for at least ten breaths.

Answers to Prayer - Discussion


Answers to Prayer

Describe a time when you felt that God answered your prayer. What did God’s answer look like? Was it what you expected? If not, how did it differ?