Read: “Thanks for the Privilege of Prayer”—Quiet Spaces, page 63

Prayer is more than just the congregational liturgy of church prayers or the rote prayer at bedtime or the mumbled grace spoken before a meal. Prayer can be a deeply personal connection with your Creator; a dialogue of divine grace; a time of introspection, confession, gratitude, and adoration.

My friend Kris and I used to walk our dogs together every day. We’d head out to the familiar path that led to the beach while the dogs pulled at their leashes. The walks usually lasted about an hour, and in that hour, we talked. We discussed the important things of our lives and the mundane things. We discussed things that were happening in our world, in our lives, and in our hearts. We shared our joys and our sorrows. Sometimes we complained or sought advice from each other. We even encountered moments of companionable silence in which we took strength and comfort from having a friend by our side.

I can talk to God like an old friend. Classic Desktop ImageYour daily walk with God may look the same. You share the many parts of your life with God, and you build a relationship of confidence, trusting that you are not alone. Even in moments of silence, you know that God walks with you. Keeping the communication channel open between you and God is vital for spiritual growth.

Once you realize that this daily communication with God can be personal prayer, everything changes. If you stop limiting prayer to certain days or times of day—such as Sunday morning or bedtime or before meals—you’ll find that prayer becomes an integral part of the fabric of your life. Just as you talk to your family, friends, and coworkers, you can talk to God. Communication with God is no longer reserved for “holy” occasions. Instead, every occasion becomes holy.