I can do all things through [Christ] who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

This is Lent, and I am feeling the need for a full confession to my not (fully) walking my talk. This is what happened:


My Doctor: “It’s time to schedule your colonoscopy.”I can and I will

Me: “Okay.” Never made the call.


My Doctor: “Okay. I see you haven’t had your colonoscopy. I’ll have them call you to schedule an appointment.”

Me: “Okay.” They called. I did not return the call.


My Doctor: “Did they call you about your colonoscopy?” Me: “Yes.”

My Doctor: (Patiently.) “What happened?”  Me: “I’m fine. I don’t have any symptoms. I don’t really need a colonoscopy.”

My Doctor: “I’ll write another order, which will give you six months to schedule an appointment. They will call you.”

They called. I was busy—Really, I was! My daughter was pregnant! I had a new grandbaby. Too busy.

My Doctor: “You haven’t had a colonoscopy yet.” (Looks at me kindly.)

“Colon cancer is easily detected with a colonoscopy. It is one of the most easily treated cancers. During a colonoscopy, any polyps can be seen and removed without further surgery. Let me suggest that you meet the gastroenterologist and talk with him before the colonoscopy. I believe you will like him and be able to get your questions answered.”

Me: “Okay.”

I did meet with Dr. John Hughes and was instantly assured by his compassion and competence. My appointment is scheduled for March 17 (this year!). I’ll give you a report.

Don’t ask me what took me three years to schedule my colonoscopy. I was not afraid—I don’t think. I just felt that it was one more thing to do that would just take more time than I felt I had to give. Also, I have mixed feelings about the commercialization of our health care. My physicians are excellent and care deeply. However, healthcare as an industry depends more on pharmaceuticals and technology than ever. It is unusual for physicians to take the time to listen and follow up as my primary care physician does with me.

I know the benefits of health screenings. I get mammograms, bone density tests, eye exams for glaucoma, hearing tests, and other annual checkups. I am an informed consumer as well as a professional who wants my clients to benefit from what I learn. When I speak with my counseling/coaching clients, I use an integrative approach that looks at mind, body, and spirit care. I listen to their concerns and pay attention to how well they are in all parts of their lives. I read health-related books and articles to have a general knowledge of the mind-body connection. I don’t give medical advice, but I do encourage my clients to seek medical care when something catches my attention. To get the best care, I encourage them to listen to their inner wisdom along with the professional’s expertise.

You are why I write this blog. You are why I continue to read and seek information about best practices in medicine.  I believe together we can #LiveHealthyBeWell by sharing health information—sharing successes. As consumers, we must be included in deciding what works for our individual situations. We need to be aware of what keeps us well as individuals and then educate our healthcare providers on what we need. Know what works for you.

Get your health screenings; also, know what is involved in the health screening procedure. Get information until you are comfortable with what you decide—however, it doesn’t have to take three years!


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Photo credit: Hilda R. Davis

Our Lenten Journey Updates

My #LiveHealthyBeWell goals for Lent:

 I will meditate five minutes, read a Lenten devotion, write a sentence in my journal, and pray at 8:00 p.m. daily.

Linda’s #LiveHealthyBeWell goal for Lent:

I will move between 5:00-5:30 a.m., no matter the weather, and either walk my neighborhood or just up and down the driveway for at least 10 minutes every day.

Fasting for Lent Meditations (Please continue to list your daily joys.)

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