What questions, fears, or wounds do you need to bring to God?

Read: Week Four—pages 67–78, A Bead and a Prayer AND “Interceding for Our Own Healing”—pages 62–63, Another Bead, Another Prayer


Name Your Questions and Wounds

What activities help you connect with your spirit so you can listen for, recognize, and name the questions and wounds you have?

Journal Exercise:

Listen for Your List

What questions, fears, or wounds do you need to bring to God? Take time to list the matters that are on your heart. This requires listening and paying attention to your spirit. You may choose to go for a walk, draw, or do some other task that helps you relax and listen. You may find that you add to your list over time as issues begin to bubble up to the surface.

Prayer Moment:

Share Your Sacred Parts

God of infinite love, I want to share my questions, fears, and pain with you. I need to bring them to you so that you may provide answers, comfort, and peace. Help me, gracious God, to identify and share these sacred parts of my life with you, knowing that your love for me is infinite. (Continue to pray, taking time to listen to your heart.)

Discussion with Friends and Family:

Share about Questions and Pain

When have you shared your questions or pain with God? Describe your experience.