At times, our wounds make it hard to enjoy the quiet spaces with God. We may have questions, feelings, or memories that make it difficult to trust God or to feel safe while sitting quietly with God. We have trouble sharing these questions and feelings—either because we don’t know how to or because we worry about God’s response.


Prayer beads can serve as an aid in our time with God. When we pray and our mind wanders, the feel of the beads between our fingers can help us refocus. Often our minds are filled with competing thoughts and images, making it hard to sit with God and listen for God’s words of comfort and healing.

Finding a phrase or word to repeat with each bead can help focus and quiet our mind. When we feel anxious or depressed, the beads can remind us that God is as close as the beads in our hands, wanting to offer comfort. And when we don’t know how to lift up the concerns on our hearts, the beads can form a path for us to follow as we use each bead to share a question or feeling and then wait for God’s response.MARCH 2017_640x640

This month, we’ll consider how beads can be a useful prayer tool, particularly when we are struggling in our quiet time with God. We’ll start by considering what questions, fears, or wounds we need to share with God. Then we’ll think about what we need to feel safe and confident in bringing these issues before God. In the third week, we’ll look at ways to use prayer beads to share our needs with God. Finally, we’ll discuss how gratitude can help us recognize God’s constant presence in our lives so that when questions and pain arise, we feel confident that God is with us, waiting to offer comfort and healing.

For those who have a set of prayer beads, feel free to use them. For those who do not, prayer beads can be made . Also, a piece of jewelry with beads or pebbles can be substituted for prayer beads. No matter the medium, when we take time to lift up our pain to God, we will always hear God’s response of deep love and comfort.