Consider the following ways to be intentionally thankful throughout your day. Allow these suggestions to become practices that you incorporate into your daily routine. Leave a comment below if these ideas help you make gratitude a priority in your life in new and meaningful ways.

3 Tips for Thankful Christian Women

3 Tips for Thankful Christian Women

1. Say “Thank You” First

Each new day offers you the opportunity to stop and say thank you. Rather than beginning your day by rushing to your to-do lists, powering through a devotional reading, jumping in the shower, or any other morning activity, say those two words aloud: thank you.

Let your voice be heard, even if your spouse, roommate, or children hear you. In fact, if you share your home with others, let them know what you are doing. They may just become your best accountability partners, reminding you to offer thanks on those occasions when they don’t hear you do so.

2. Encourage Others to Offer Their Thanksgiving

If you are a thankful Christian woman, encourage other women to offer their thanksgiving as well. Modeling a spirit of thankfulness is one way to show others the joy of the Christian life. Find a prayer partner who you can connect with each day, whether in person or through text message or social media. Tell your prayer partner why you are thankful for her every day.

3. End the Day with Thanksgiving

When you come to the end of your day, reflect on what you experienced. Think about the prayers you prayed, the people you met, the meals you ate, the journey to and from work or school, and the small moments that you may have overlooked until now. Did you express thanksgiving at the end of a meeting, meal, or conversation? Did you thank the people you met or thank God for that special moment that just passed?

Each day offers many beginnings and endings for which you can be thankful. You may already say thank you for the blessing of a new day, at the beginning of a meeting, or before eating a meal. But how often do you offer thanks at the end of the day, at the end of a meeting, or after a meal? Before you go to sleep, take note of those endings for which you did not offer thanks. How can you make gratitude a priority in the future?

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