Experiencing God’s Leading Spirit in Your Life

Have you everhypnotized a chicken? I grew up on a farm, and I can tell you—it’s surprisingly easy! Hold a chicken on the ground. Gently stretch out her neck so that her beak is flat against the ground. Then draw a line on the ground extending from her beak. Now let go of the chicken.

She won’t move. Why? Because she’s hypnotized by the line in front of her. In fact, she’ll lie there as if paralyzed until something finally breaks her focus—a loud noise, a sudden movement, or a breeze ruffling her feathers.

The hypnotized chicken is a good analogy for many Christians who are trying to cope with their lives and the world around them. A sense of purposelessness or lack of direction in their lives becomes the line in front of their nose that paralyzes them.

I once read a poem about the author’s expectations for her future. She wrote of a life of wealth and luxury, travel and privilege, and all the wonderful things she expected to happen. I don’t remember the author’s name, but I do remember her final poignant line: “Yet every so often I get this nagging feeling I’m not headed in the right direction.”

I remember having this same feeling about my walk with the Lord. I remember asking myself, Who am I? How did I get here? Why am I in this  place with these people? Is this where Im supposed to be?

Do you sometimes get the sense that where you are right now isn’t where God intends you to be? Do you wonder if you’ve taken a wrong turn or headed in the wrong direction? Do you ever ask yourself how you ended up where you are? Do you have moments when you worry that you’ve lost touch with God?

Join me this month in exploring the ways in which God leads you to fulfill a divine purpose for your life.

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