Discovering God’s Grace in Your Life

When people ask me what grace is, I think of my old donkey named Maggie. My mother suggested we get a donkey for my family’s little acreage. When we had picked out a lovely little colt called Lexy, the owner of the donkey rescue center suggested we might like to take another donkey to keep her company. She brought us Maggie, an old, broken-down, grey donkey. “She’s had a terrible life,” the owner told us. I looked into Maggie’s eyes and knew she had lost all hope of anything better.

My mother and I took the donkeys with us that afternoon. Back at our little farm, Lexy ran around and explored the pasture, the apple tree, the small stream, and the cozy barn. Maggie just stood in the paddock as if she were afraid to get too excited or become too invested in something that might be taken away from her. Only after nearly a year with us did she realize that she was truly home. Then Maggie began to enjoy her life.

Standard Desktop ImageMaggie died several years later in the spring. We found her lying under the apple tree, the apple blossoms gently covering her. She had a wisp of fresh green grass in her mouth. She died in grace.
That story illustrates how grace works. You don’t need to ask for it. You don’t have to convince God that you deserve it. You can’t earn it. You simply accept it—through faith—and enjoy the fullness of life God has promised you.

As you watch the world spin out of control—wars, injustice, famine, earthquakes, drought, and death all around—hang onto the belief that God’s grace is sufficient. Rest in the knowledge that God cares for you, and put your trust in the Eternal One.
What a powerful idea this is. No matter how bad life gets—no matter how bad your life has been in the past—God will always have more grace than you will need. In the midst of the worst times when it seems you will never see your way clear again, God’s grace is there for you.

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