This woman is writing about self-disclosure before sharing.

One of the best ways to connect with others is through self-disclosure—really opening up to them. 

This woman is considering who to engage with in self-disclosure.

Think of the people with whom you would like to create a connection. 

Let’s consider what we would like to disclose to our close friends.

For each one, consider something about yourself that you could disclose, something you’d like that person to know but haven’t been bold enough to share. 

This woman reflects on what might happen if she engages in self-disclosure with her friend.

Continue by reflecting on how this disclosure might change your relationship with him or her.

Quiet Spaces the book by Patricia Wilson a Women's prayer and devotional resource

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Tip: Journal, Then Speak

Being thoughtful before self-disclosure makes a huge difference.

Take a few moments to prayerfully pause, reflect, and consider others before you speak. This will help you have long and healthy relationships.

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