Connecting with Others in a God-Centered Way

In some ways, your life is like riding a bus. Your bus is full of fellow travelers, all heading down an unknown road with no idea of how long the trip will last.

When you think of the people who’ve shared your bus over the years, the list can be pretty amazing—the friends you went to school with, the neighbors who lived next door, office friends and church friends, family and relations, teachers good and bad who have had an impact on your life, prayer groups and craft groups, in-laws and outlaws.

Some stay with you for your whole journey. Others hop on and off the bus a few stops later. Some sit quietly in the back, enjoying the view. Others try to take over the bus and tell you how to drive it. Some share your Christian experience. Some do not. Some are your cheerleaders. Some are your critics.

There are times when you probably wish some of your passengers would just get off the bus! These are the people taking up seats who seem bent on diverting you from your walk with God. You may see them as your cross to bear, your burden, your sorrow, or your duty.

Then there are those passengers who are a joy to journey with. They are your earthly angels, the face of God in the midst of troubles. They uphold and encourage you and remain with you in all circumstances. They urge you to reach for the stars, and they pick you up when you fall.

You will also encounter passengers you don’t know very well. These are people you meet in the course of your everyday life: the clerk at the checkout counter, the people who moved in next door, the mechanic who fixes your car, the women at the gym. For brief moments of time, they are traveling with you.

How do you connect with all the people on your bus? You’ll be exploring that topic this month. I’ll help you find ways to communicate your faith to others, to show them the love of God through your words and actions. Now, I’m not talking about knocking on doors or handing out pamphlets or asking someone, “Sister, are you saved?” I’m talking about realistic ways to bring your faith into the world around you.
Although you might prefer to travel in solitary splendor on your bus, that’s just not how life works. You are in fellowship with others, and your challenge is to learn how to relate to them meaningfully.

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